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We provide job placement services for Indonesian, Filipinos, Sri Lankan, Indian, Thai, Malaysian and Burmese to work in Singapore as domestic helpers. More than 800 new biodata will be available in our biodata database for your selection at any point of time. We assure you that you will be able to shortlist the most suitable candidates of your choices.

We packaged the services for you convenient. The packages include the fees for recruitment charges, work permit application, banker guarantee, insurance, airport services and collection of work permit. The service packages also provide up to 2 years replacement guarantee, subsequent 6-monthly medical checkup services as required by the Ministry of Manpower, renewal of work permit upon the expiry of the work permit, re-indemnity of banker guarantee and maid’s insurance upgrade etc.

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“Direct Hire” of foreign maids means that when you have a foreign maid of your choice that you agree to hire her from her country of origin and she agrees to work for you in the country of employment. The maid needs to furnish and fulfill the legal requirement for her own legal departure from her country of origin as an overseas contract worker. The employer will also need to furnish and fulfill all legal requirements for her legal employment in the country of employment. You will also need to arrange the air flight for her departure from the country of origin to the country of employment.

Direct hire of a foreign maid need to go through the similar process like employing a foreign maid using the service of an employment agency, however the employer will need to do it all by herself.

Nevertheless, Homekeeper also provides assistant for the clients that need direct hire service. The direct hire service come with standard and tailored made packages according to the requirement of our clients. Services that can be included are application of work permit; banker guarantee; medical checkup; insurance; embassy contract; overseas contract worker documentation (like Job Testing, Fiscal, VISA etc.) at the maid’s country of origin; air ticketing etc.

Transfer maids refer to those maids that are dismissed by their existing employers and re-directed them back to the employment agency for transferring to other employer.

Our experienced employment consultants upon their reporting to our company will interview all transfer maids. All relevant particulars and information including the reasons for the transfer will be interviewed and recorded.

After providing the necessary counseling and re-training, our experienced employment consultants will re-assign them to a new working environment suitable to them. By giving proper advises and re-training to them, understanding of their limitation and capabilities, we will be able to place them to the right jobs and at the right place. They will also be able to deliver their optimal working standard to their employers.

Currently, the training courses and workshops that are available in Singapore for the maids of our customers are:

  • Training in First Aid
  • Training in Care of Babies
  • Training in Car of Elderly and Disabled
  • Training in Cooking
  • Training lesson in Spoken English
  • General Orientation for Employment as Domestic Helpers in Singapore

The training courses will be jointly organised with our strategic service partners like Singapore Red Cross Society, Home Nursing Foundation, National Lifeline Pte Ltd, and other professional organizations or service providers. The training courses will be conducted at our premises, our partner’s premises or at the community clubs conveniently located near to our clients.

Currently, the training courses and workshops that are available in Singapore for the maids of our customers are: We assist the clients in obtaining the necessary permits and passes for their foreign employees as they will either need work permits or employment passes for their employment in Singapore.

In addition to just simply applying the permits or passes, we provide added value services like medical checkup, personal insurance, booking of air tickets, training workshops, airport meeting services etc. for you and your employees. All you have to do is to leave the job to us and exchange it with a peace of mind.

Maid’s passports usually expire in 3 to 5 years. Maid’s working permits expire in 26 months. Before the expiry, the document needs to be renewed. HomeKeeper provides the renewal services for you and your workers.

In addition to the renewal, you may consider to allow the workers to enjoying their home leave in their country of origin. You may also consider upgrading their skill and knowledge by enrolling them to supplementary courses. We provide all these added value services to you with ease of mind.

The requirement of these services may be arisen with the renewal of work permits or passports and usually upon the expiry of the working permits. We assist our clients in obtaining all the necessary document and endorsement at the embassy if they will need the services.

Upon the expiry of the foreign worker’s work permits or employment contracts, the employers need to cancel their work permits at the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore. The cancellation of the permits usually involving the booking and purchasing of air tickets for the workers. We provide the air tickets at very special prices and the cancellation of the permits is usually a complimentary service to the purchase of tickets.

Currently in Singapore, work permits will only be issued with the submission of the client’s $5000 banker guarantee and personal accident insurance coverage for the workers.

The banker guarantee can be arranged with banks or replace it with an insurance bond insured by approved insurers. The insurance requirement is needed for the foreign workers in case of any unforeseeable circumstances that may be arising and we recommend AIA maid guard policy to the clients for a comprehensive coverage.

We provide the above services at very competitive rate to our clients.

The foreign workers have to be repatriated back to their countries of origin within 7 days after the cancellation of their work permits. The clients can arrange the repatriation by themselves or engage our services for the repatriation. We provide comprehensive repatriation package for the clients, which include cancellation of permits, booking & purchasing of air tickets, boarding services, escort services and transportation services.

Foreign workers must be medically fit to work in Singapore according to the standard requirement of Ministry of Manpower. Otherwise, they will not be issued with work permits.

Foreign workers also need to pass the medically checkup every 6 months according to the standard requirement by the Ministry of Manpower.

Homekeeper, as the leader in the industry, offers all foreign worker related services to the clients. We are the real comprehensive one-stop service centres for you.

Summary of Services:

  • Job placement services for foreign maids, foreign workers and foreign professionals from Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma etc.
  • Direct hire your own foreign maids to work in Singapore
  • Placement of transfer maids
  • Training courses & Workshops for maids in Singapore
  • Application of work permits and employment passes
  • Renewal of passports and work permits
  • Embassy endorsement for document & processing of home leaves
  • Booking and Purchasing of air tickets & cancellation of work permits
  • Purchasing of banker guarantee and insurance for maids
  • Repatriation of maids
  • Arrangement of medical check up for maids
  • Other foreign worker related service


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