Benefits of Having Domestic Worker Maintain Your Home for Your Mental Health

There’s nothing like entering into a clean house free of clutter, grime, and dust to make you feel at ease. Fresh air, clean floors, windows, mirrors, clothes, utensils, and clean surfaces will provide you with a level of peace of mind you have never experienced before. But, let’s face it, how many individuals have time to clean thoroughly every day? There are only a handful if we count.

This can have a significant impact on your mental health. This piece will cover everything there is to know about mental health and maintaining a clean environment. As a result, if you live in Singapore, hiring a Migrant Domestic Worker from a Filipino maid agency in Singapore assists with cleaning helps, especially if your schedule does not allow it.

Why Is a Clean House Important for Mental Health?

The way the space around you looks determines a lot when it comes to your mental health, especially your moods.

Clutter in a person’s home is one example. When this happens, people get annoyed because they can’t get around the house or get what they need quickly. Imagine you’re looking for the remote among a pile of books, clothes, and other things. The mere thought of it raises cortisol levels. But to mitigate this, hiring a migrant domestic work maid from a Singapore agency may help.

Having a clean and organized space with the help of a Filipino domestic worker offers you the following luxury:

  • Easier and shorter time retrieving items to use.
  • More order in the household where things are categorized.
  • Get rid of things that clutter your space and distract you.

How Does a Dirty House Affect Your Mental Health?

As aforementioned, stress is the predominant emotion that floods in when you have a dirty home. But that is not all. The following and other negative effects you face with a messy house.

Mental Clutter

With a dirty home, you’ll likely be disorganized in all aspects of your life, including your work life. Because part of your life gets blocked up when you work or live in a dirty atmosphere, you will lack the energy and inspiration to perform outstanding work. Additionally, you will rarely finish your tasks. A part of your brain will always have a long list of things you need to accomplish, including cleaning.

Thoughts like “I need to clear that sofa,” “I need to find my charger,” and “where is my notebook?” will remain in your thoughts indefinitely. And the results of this are reflected in your work, which is chaotic and half-finished.


Our brains are designed to concentrate on only one object or task at a time. However, you will be constantly stimulated by the mess while working if your house is not properly cleaned. 

This will manifest itself in the following way: 

You may be working on a project, but you realize that yesterday’s meal dish is still on the table on the same work desk. As a result, you pick it up and proceed to the sink, where there are additional filthy dishes. Hence, you’re undecided about whether you should clean them or finish your homework. This constant jumble will overstimulate you.

Does Having a Clean House Make You Feel Better?

Yes, it does. 

Your entire thinking train is simplified because you can find things in their proper places, and everything is in order. You will be able to complete easy chores in a short time and the best possible manner when you are in this mood. Thus, you will feel better about yourself as a result of this.

Yet another way that a clean home makes you feel better is through the sense of smell. Pure and fresh fragrances have a positive impact on your cognition. Scents convey signals to our limbic system, the part of the brain that regulates memory and emotion. Certain scents have been shown to reduce stress and improve general mental health.

How Often Should a Domestic Worker Clean Your House?

Cleaning should ideally be done daily. Assuming you can handle minor jobs such as cleaning the dishes after every meal and cleaning a space after use, hiring a domestic worker from a Filipino maid agency in Singapore help to ensure your house is in order.

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