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Key Things To Note Before Hiring An Indonesian Maid

Their cultural familiarity, adaptability, and dedication to their work are just a few of the reasons why Indonesian maids are highly preferred.


There are close cultural similarities between Indonesia and Singapore such as shared traditions, festivals and food preferences which makes Indonesian maids adapt easier to your household.


The average processing time is around 1.5 months upon MOM approval. During this period, your maid will complete the necessary documentation and Homekeeper’s training programme.


Indonesian maids are well-liked for their flexibility in terms of the jobs tasked to them. Additionally their ability to adapt and learn reduces the time required for supervision.


Indonesian food culture is familiar to most Singaporean households. With dishes widely popular among the locals, such as Ayam Penyet, Nasi Goreng, Satay and more.


Indonesian maids speak Bahasa Indonesia, which is similar to Bahasa Melayu, a language commonly spoken by older Singaporeans. Some of the Indonesian maids are able to speak basic Mandarin or even dialects.


The average salary for a Indonesian maid in Singapore ranges from $550 to $800 depending on the maid’s experience and communication skills.

How To Hire A Trusted Maid With Us?

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1. Enquire

Discuss with us so that we understand your family’s needs

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2. Matching

We would recommend maids that are a good fit for you to interview and select

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3. Training & Processing

We will train your maid in our training centres while processing all documents

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4. Deployment

Your maid is ready to start work in your home!


What Our Maid Agency Can Do for You

The process of hiring an Indonesian maid in Singapore can be tedious but fret not – Homekeeper Maid Agency is here to help. From pre-employment training to maid insurance and employment paperwork, we take care of every stage required in the hiring process. We are committed to ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for all our clients.

Our commitment begins with our robust pre-employment training programme. Recognising the uniqueness of every home and its specific needs, we ensure that every Indonesian maid we recruit is equipped with the necessary skills to meet your specific home care needs. Our training covers a wide range of areas, including care for infant, cooking, housekeeping and elderly care.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that every Indonesian maid in our extensive recruitment networks has been assessed by professional recruitment specialists for suitability. What’s more, on top of regular training, we also provide enhancement training for maids if the employer has specific home care needs to be met.

To ensure good match between the Indonesian maid and the hiring family, we emphasise on stringent screening process. Each potential Indonesian maid undergoes a professional interview and screening by our recruitment team. This rigorous process allows us to deploy only the most qualified and reliable maid, ensuring a harmonious match with your family.

Understanding the complexities and time-consuming nature of the legal and administrative process of hiring a maid. we offer comprehensive support in handling all the necessary paperwork. From work permit applications to securing maid insurance, our dedicated support team manages these details, saving you from unnecessary headaches and allowing you to focus on selecting the right Indonesian maid for your home.

Over 80,000+ happy families for 20+ years

Over 80,000+ happy families
for 20+ years

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Ask Us Anything! We Want To Help

Ask Us Anything!
We Want To Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions regarding hiring a maid for your family

At Homekeeper, we aim to save you time and effort in hiring your Indonesian maid. We provide a comprehensive service that includes a stringent screening of potential maids and personalised shortlisting to ensure you’ll find the best Indones maid for your unique home care needs. We also handle all necessary paperwork, including work permit applications and insurance to make the hiring process smooth and hassle-free.