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Why Hire Fresh Maids?

A "fresh maid," as the term suggests, is an individual new and does not possess prior experience as maid. As they are a clean slate, it is easier for you to train them to your family’s preferences


Fresh maids do not have experience working abroad as a maid; therefore hiring a fresh maid may require more patience. The advantage of hiring a fresh maid is that you can train her to your preferences.


Most of the fresh maids from Indonesia and Myanmar may have little knowledge of the English language. However, in Homekeeper, we emphasise on Basic English proficiency during their pre-employment training.


Since they are in their home country at the point of selection and application, the waiting time for the maid to arrive your home varies from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the nationality of the maid.


Fresh maids' salaries will be the lowest compared to experienced maids. However, this does not mean they will deliver lower quality work as they received training.


Homekeeper collaborates with reliable partners who are recruit, shortlist and train their best candidates for us. Rest assured, you will have plenty of choices when selecting fresh maids from Homekeeper.

How To Hire A Trusted Maid With Us?

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1. Enquire

Discuss with us so that we understand your family’s needs

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2. Matching

We would recommend maids that are a good fit for you to interview and select

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3. Training & Processing

We will train your maid in our training centres while processing all documents

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4. Deployment

Your maid is ready to start work in your home!

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