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Key Things To Note Before Hiring An Filipino Maid

Filipino maids are known for their warm nature and proficiency in English which makes them good candidates to take care of your children and household.


The majority of Filipino maids are Catholic and are family centric. Most of their off days are spent at the church or with close friends and family in Singapore.


The average processing time is around 1.5 to 2 months upon MOM approval. During this period, your maid will complete the necessary documentation and Homekeeper’s training programme.


Filipinos are known for their warm and caring nature which makes them highly suitable to care for infant and children. They often form deep bonds with the families they work for, treating your family as their own.


Filipino cuisine is diverse, with a mix of sweet, sour and savoury flavours. Their main staple food is rice and is served with various meat, fish and vegetable dishes.


The second official language in the Philippines is English which makes communicating with them very easy. As such, they are able to quickly settle in your household with minimal supervision.


The average salary for a Filipino maid in Singapore ranges from $600 to $800 depending on the maid’s experience and communication skills.

How To Hire A Trusted Maid With Us?

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1. Enquire

Discuss with us so that we understand your family’s needs

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2. Matching

We would recommend maids that are a good fit for you to interview and select

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3. Training & Processing

We will train your maid in our training centres while processing all documents

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4. Deployment

Your maid is ready to start work in your home!


What Our Maid Agency Can Do for You

When seeking a reliable and skilled maid from the Philippines, Homekeeper is your go-to maid agency in Singapore. We go the extra mile to ensure that the maids we recommend are well-prepared and equipped to provide top-notch home care. One of the key ways we achieve this is through our comprehensive pre-employment training programme.

Our pre-employment training covers a wide range of essential skills, including housekeeping, cooking, care for infant, childcare, and elderly care. This training equips Filipino maids with the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle their responsibilities competently.

We assist in their integration process by providing guidance on local customs, regulations, and practices. Our team offers support to the maids as they adapt to their new environment, ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident in their roles.

Reliability is our utmost priority, which is why we implement a stringent screening process for all our candidates. We meticulously verify their backgrounds, work experiences, and qualifications. Only those with proven reliability and dedication make it through our rigorous selection process.

At Homekeeper, our extensive recruitment networks in the Philippines enable us to find the most ideal candidates for you to hire. Whether you are looking for an infant care maid in Singapore or a helper to do your household chores, you can conveniently browse through many maid profiles on our platform to find your perfect match. We can also shortlist candidates for you based on your specifications, so give us a call now to discuss how we can help you find a domestic helper in Singapore.

Over 80,000+ happy families for 20+ years

Over 80,000+ happy families
for 20+ years

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Ask Us Anything! We Want To Help

Ask Us Anything!
We Want To Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions regarding hiring a maid for your family

The pre-employment requirements for hiring a Filipino maid include obtaining a work permit from the MOM in Singapore. Employers must fulfil application forms, provide the maid’s passport details, their personal information, and written consent from the maid. Additionally, a security bond and insurance policies must be purchased. Besides this, Filipino maids must ensure they have the necessary documents, for a smooth transition, when hired from the Philippines to work in Singapore. These documents, obtainable by the workers themselves, include TESDA skill certification (NC II) National Certificate on domestic work, paid OWWA membership, education certificate with a minimum of 8 years of formal education, certificate of attendance to the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS), along with other documents.