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We recognize that our customers often go through similar concerns when considering whether or not to hire a domestic helper / live-in maid. In this page we try our best to share tips and experiences with the aim to help make your decision making journey smoother.

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Helping Your Maid To Adjust In Your Household

So you just hired a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) and have no idea what to do next or how to set a schedule? If this is the case with you…

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Tips to Find the Right Maid

Finding a good Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) for your home can be very helpful. You will finally get to keep your home clean and things in order. But there are…

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Internet privacy for Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW). Can they post an employer’s photo to social media?

Hiring a maid to clean up your home is always a very good idea. It helps you clean up your home while also saving a lot of time too. It’s…

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