How Do You Deal With A Difficult Maid?

Even with reliable maids hired through domestic helper agencies in Singapore, some can prove to be difficult. The sudden outburst of your maid can make you concerned. Even though you are paying her, still handling a difficult maid is not a simple task.

There are a few domestic helpers who are short-tempered and do not have good coping capabilities. Don’t forget that your maid is a human being too. Instead of getting angry or firing her, try to find a solution.

What Are Some Clashes You Could Have With Your Maid Due To Her Undesirable Actions

There can be instances where she could get enraged out of frustration. For example, if a jar is not opening, she could become frustrated and lash out. Some of her anger reactions could include clenching her fists, shouting, or sometimes even throwing things or banging her fists against something. These instances could be rare, but they are worrisome and need solutions.

They can direct anger at the person close by, even if it wasn’t their fault. This can put your children at risk as well. This way, the relationship between you and your maid will begin to fall apart, and it won’t be long till you fire her. These situations can be avoided.

How Can Such Situations Be Handled?

When you see your domestic helper getting angry, instead of becoming defensive or shouting at her, try to respond with calm behavior. Listen to her and avoid making sarcastic comments that would further instigate her. When you resolve such situations, inform her that this type of behavior is unacceptable. Politely give her a warning so that such behavior does not become a pattern.

What Techniques Can You Try To Resolve Things Peacefully And Have A Better Relationship With Your Maid?

It is imperative to try out some techniques so that your relationship with the maid is not disturbed to save yourself from such inconveniences.

Do not pay the bare minimum

If your domestic worker is not being paid well, she is likely to be in a terrible mood. With a foul mood, she is more likely to get frustrated on minor issues. Try to pay her well. If it’s possible, then give her a raise yearly too. After all, she looks after your house and makes your life easier.

Talk to her yourself

You don’t need to have counseling skills. All you have to do is to be a good listener. Talk to her politely about her behavior, and this could drastically change things. It will make her more conscious, and your polite behavior might change hers too. Ask her about any other problems she might have because that could be a reason for her unnecessary anger.

Don’t put too many restrictions

Try to treat your maid like family. Allow her some personal time as well so that her mood is better and she stays happy. Eg: You can allow her to go for a stroll in the park. You also have to make sure that this freedom is not excessive as this could lead to negligence in house chores.

What Services Are Offered By A Domestic Worker Agency In Singapore?

You can select a maid from their database:

Finding a maid using a domestic helper agency in Singapore has become convenient and less time-consuming. Their database with all the bio data of each candidate helps you choose a maid according to your requirements. You can now find a reliable maid from Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar easily.

They have pre-employment training programs:

Domestic worker agencies in Singapore provide you with maids who are tested through pre-employment training programs. The maids have adequate knowledge about the job. Maids have been trained for housekeeping. Training programs are designed to train maids to take care of the elderly and disabled people. Domestic helper agencies in Singapore also train maids to look after children.

Maid insurance:

These agencies work with reputable insurance companies to provide fair coverage for domestic helpers. You can easily make claims through contacting their customer service, and once your claim is approved, they send you a cheque. Their insurance policy covers hospital expenses, repatriation cost, etc.

Maid employment paperwork:

To start working, the maid requires a work permit. A domestic helper agency in Singapore does all the paperwork for you. Even if you need to cancel your helper’s work permit, the paperwork will be done on your behalf.

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