How to Employ Maids from Any Country

In this modern age, keeping your household in order and clean may seem like a big challenge, especially if you have a full-time job, children, pets, or any of them. With time constraints steadily on the rise, the amount of time you dedicate to cleaning your house is significantly on the decline.

While it’s not your fault for the time constraint, your household will suffer in terms of cleanliness and organisation. The only way for you to resolve this issue is to hire a maid through a maid agency in Singapore like Homekeeper.

Moving forward, we’ll discuss why employing a maid is necessary for various situations as well as how you can employ a maid from other countries.

Why is it necessary to employ maids?

Time constraint

As pointed out earlier, cleaning becomes a chore when you don’t have time to do it. This leaves your household in dire need of help to take care of the chores. Also, when you get back from work, you may not have the energy to even fix a proper meal for your family.

In this case, hiring a maid to take care of your household will lessen your burden as well as your worries. Besides, maids are trained beforehand to perform their tasks properly, be it maids for elderly care or infant care. So you can expect to return to a happy family, and a clean home with a warm meal on the table.


The most common reason to employ maids is to provide yourself with the help you need so that you can juggle your time between your family and work. When you have an extra pair of hands to help manage the household, you can set aside some time for yourself and be productive without having to worry about the house chores.

Moreover, you get to spend time with your family, especially if you have young children who need plenty of attention. On days you feel like you need some me time, hiring a maid for infant care gives you the freedom to do just that.

Unmatched quality of work

Let’s face it; no one can clean your house like a professional maid. The maids from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar whom we recruit possess the skills and knowledge of cleaning in a more practical and efficient way. Even if you have the time to do your house chores without any professional assistance, you’re more likely to spend more time than your maid does to achieve a spick and span home. 

When you hire a helper from a maid agency in Singapore, you can expect their work to be detail-oriented. Maid agency services like Homekeeper provide pre-employment training to maids before they’re deployed to work for you. This may give you peace of mind as your maid will employ proper cleaning techniques, giving your house the attention it deserves.

Reduces stress

Taking care of the household can be stressful sometimes. You have to prepare the meals on time, clean the dishes, do the laundry, and even clean the bathroom. All this falls on your shoulders and reduces the time you have for your work or other responsibilities.

Hiring a maid to help manage your household may just reduce the stress and keep the household in an orderly condition. This means you’ll have more time to focus on other responsibilities.

That said, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to employ maids from other countries. Truth be told: You can only employ maids from countries approved by the Ministry of Manpower. These countries are Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

How to hire a maid from other countries?

There are two ways for you to hire a maid from other countries – referrals and maid agency services. The former is possible but can prove to be difficult if you lack legal knowledge of the country. As for the latter, you can rely on them as they have their network and sources to help fulfil your search requirement.

Moreover, a maid agency service like Homekeeper can take care of all the hard work – from the paperwork and training to the deployment. Hence, you don’t have to do much except to vet through your selection and find out whether they’re suitable for your household. 

Homekeeper can help with your household needs

If you’re looking to employ maids from other countries, Homekeeper has a database of domestic workers to choose from. You’ll be able to look through their biodata and key information of potential maids

Additionally, we’ll process the necessary documents for you and your maid-to-be. We’ll then provide maid pre-employment training to ensure that your maid-to-be meets your household needs. Reach out to us by calling (65) 6468 5220 or email

About the Author

Linda Seh has over 20 years of experience in the Employment industry. She takes the time to thoroughly interview each family and helper to understand their requirements, personalities, and preferences. Her intuition and insight has helped her make placements that result in lasting, harmonious working relationships. Linda now leverages this expertise and experience to simplify your search and ensure you find the ideal and qualified helper to become a valued member of your family.