How To Manage Your Domestic Helper’s Tasks?

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Once you are done hiring a suitable helper, you will have to put on the employer’s hat. It is no easy task, but it must be done. As an employer, you must cultivate a strict but healthy relationship with your domestic helper.

To successfully achieve that, you have to clear out the difference between managing an employee-employer relationship and managing your employee’s work.

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For a domestic employee, the relationship gets more complicated. How to manage a domestic helper depends on the employer, with each having their unique tactics.

Some people prefer to micromanage their employees. Micromanagement is a detailed approach to controlling your employee’s schedule to the last minute.

The employer plans out the domestic helper’s chores with timelines of when to perform them. Other employers prefer giving their domestic workers a flexible task schedule.

The Best Work Management Style for Your Domestic Helper

Whether to micromanage your domestic helper or to let them create their schedules is up to you. Management does not work in a one-size-fits-all approach. As an employer, you should apply what fits you and your helper best.

Most importantly, you should review the effects your management approach will have on your relationship with your helper and the helper’s ability to perform their chores.

Your management style should be enabled to your domestic helper, without overwhelming them. If your domestic helper has a healthy working environment and schedule, they will be more productive and efficient.

As an employer, you can decide to give your domestic worker simple guidelines on how to conduct their chores. However, they should be detailed with priority tasks and how to carry out the duties and deadlines. Ensure that your domestic helper understands the importance of carrying out the chores as you instruct them.

How to Address It with Your Domestic Helper?

The ideal situation is bringing up the conditions during the interview. That way, the potential helper can know your expectations and their responsibilities. When they are aware of this, they can make informed decisions.

During their interview, ask them how they prefer to carry out their work. Also, tell them how you prefer things done. Your potential helper should inform you beforehand if they are comfortable with your management style and how you want them done.

As an employer, you have non-negotiable terms and conditions. Explain to your interviewee why you would like things done in a specific manner. If you prefer micro-management, explain your reasons, and discuss your way around how you would both make it work.

Let your potential helper know that you believe in having a detailed work plan and scheduling their chores. When you prepare a schedule for your helper, they are less likely to miss out on tasks that they are expected to carry out.

How to Make Your Schedule Work?

No one was born knowing everything. Everyone learns new things and skills. You should expect the same to apply to your domestic helper. They will take the time to learn how to do things your way. It would be best if you were patient with them and understanding.

Correct them when they error, but do it humanely. When you support their learning process, they will be more willing to learn and improve their skills. Another tip is allowing flexibility. Your helper may be very experienced in their work. That means they have their way of doing things and yield good results.

Your helper’s methods might be more productive than yours. In such cases, give them a simple schedule with the chores they are expected to do. However, let them choose how to do them. After all, the most important thing is that work gets done.

If your domestic helper is not experienced, you have to supervise their work in the first few weeks. You will also have to prepare them for a more detailed schedule, including the order of work, timelines, and instructions on how to perform the tasks.

In any household, there are unplanned for chores than may arise at any given time. Leave blank spaces in your helper’s schedule to accommodate such duties. As an employer, always be ready to adjust the schedule.

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