Steps For Hiring Multiple Maids

Here is the procedure when you are looking to hire a second helper:

  • Ensure you are eligible to hire a second helper

As abovementioned, there are several requirements set by MOM that you will need before you can hire a second helper in Singapore. You must understand your duties as an employer. Other than that, you must also consider the costs of hiring a second helper such as agency fee, salary, monthly levy, food and accommodation.

  • Search for maid service in Singapore

When you are qualified to hire a second helper, it is time to start your search. You can approach an agency for maid service in Singapore. They will guide you through the entire hiring process. There are some considerations when searching for a maid service agency:

  • How long has the agency been in the industry
  • Reputation of the agency
  • Customer rating
  • Costs 
  • MDW selection

The maid service agency will be recommending suitable helper based on your home care needs. Bear in mind that you must be clear of the job scopes for the second helper. You must clearly define the works that she will be responsible for. It is important to assign works equally between two helpers.

  • Schedule an interview

When choosing helper, you need to be sure that she will be the right fit for your home care needs. Therefore, it is vital to have an online interview where you and the potential candidate can get to know each other.

Make sure you tell the helper about your needs so that you can figure out if she meets your requirement. During the interview, you may ask if she has experience in taking care of households with similar home care needs. Ensure that the helper fully understands her duties and roles.

  • Application and documentation

The last process is making sure that the helper has the proper documentation so that she can work in Singapore legally. The maid service agency will take care of the paperwork for you such as Work Permit application, pre-employment medical examinations, purchase of medical insurance and security bonds

Homekeeper – A One Stop Maid Agency

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Linda Seh has over 20 years of experience in the Employment industry. She takes the time to thoroughly interview each family and helper to understand their requirements, personalities, and preferences. Her intuition and insight has helped her make placements that result in lasting, harmonious working relationships. Linda now leverages this expertise and experience to simplify your search and ensure you find the ideal and qualified helper to become a valued member of your family.