The Complete Process of Hiring a Migrant Domestic Worker

The process of hiring a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) in Singapore is governed by the law. Through a legal maid employment agency in Singapore, you can be guided and assisted in acquiring an MDW. 

Direct application to the Ministry of Manpower is a tedious process that a maid employment agency in Singapore will help you through. 

The basic processes of hiring MDWs 

Visit our maid employment agency in Singapore and start the process of hiring an MDW. 

You can begin the process by selecting an MDW from the ones available in the agency’s data. MDWs apply to work in Singapore while in their home countries. 

Through the agency, you can plan a phone call or video call interview and get to interact with the potential helper online. 

When you settle for an MDW of your choice, you will pay a deposit for the agency to assist you with the application process for an MDW. 

Not only that you will need to apply for a Work Permit with MOM Singapore for the helper before they can work in Singapore legally, there are also requirements and regulations in their home countries that you need to adhere to. The application processes vary depending on the country. Failure to abide by the rules and procedures will result in illegal employment of MDW.

The application process through an agency will be less tedious especially since they understand the regulations well. Once compliance with all requirements is attained, the agency arranges for the MDW to arrive in Singapore. 

Before taking the helper home from the agency, you should clear all remaining charges and submit all required documents. This entire hiring process is more convenient through an agency. 

Basic terminologies

EA – Employment Agency

EOP – Employer Orientation Programme

MDW – Migrant Domestic Worker

MEA – Maid Employment Agency

MOM – Ministry of Manpower

Mandatory legal requirements and procedures to take note of

Under the laws in Singapore, any person who intends to hire an MDW must meet a set of basic requirements. 

An MDW employer is expected to be at least 21 years old or older and should also not be undergoing bankruptcy. 

The income of a person applying to employ an MDW is highly considered and the law also requires the employer to have good mental health and fully understand their responsibilities as an MDW employer. 

It is also a requirement for employers to live with their MDWs. The regulations are set to ensure the well-being of all MDWs in Singapore.

If you are hiring an MDW for the first time, you must attend the Employer Orientation Program (EOP) before you submit your work permit application. The program helps you to understand all your roles and responsibilities as an MDW employer. 

For employers who need to hire a second MDW, the Ministry of Manpower considers the application based on the applicant’s need for more than one MDW. 

Some of the outstanding factors to employ a send MDW include having 2 children or more who are below the age of 18 years. 

Another factor could be having a parent or parent-in-law who lives with you and is more than 60 years old. The ministry will highly consider your financial ability before allowing you to hire a second MDW. 

Who qualifies to be an MDW?

The Singapore law also sets requirements that an MDW should have to secure employment in Singapore.

An MDW in Singapore should be an educated female aged 23 to 50 years during the time of application. 

MDWs can renew their work permit until they get to the age of 60 years. Proof of a minimum of 8 years of formal education is a key requirement. 

To get employment as an MDW in Singapore, you should be from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Myanmar, India, or South Korea. 

The hopeful MDW should also have experience in his or her home country and be willing to attend a Settling-In Programme (SIP) for a first-time MDW applicant. 

The MDW should also not be related to the employer and should not be residing in Singapore during the time of application. 

Various processes to hire an MDW

One may choose to hire an MDW through an agent or agency. In this case, the employer needs to produce some documents. 

If hiring the MDW for the first time, you must produce your Notice of Assessment, certificate from the Employer Orientation Programme, your documents, and the personal documents of those you live with. 

You can also opt to acquire an MDW through transfer. Transfer MDWs are those who are already in Singapore, meaning you get to interview the MDW in person. 

Maid employment agencies in Singapore would easily help you link up with a Transfer MDW and the current employer. 

Directly acquiring the foreign helper by yourself through the MOM is another option although the process is tedious.

Hiring an MDW Through Homekeeper

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