Are Employers Responsible For Medical Expenses Of The Maid?

Like other Singaporeans, you might be swamped with house chores. Also, you have to attend to work, social commitments, and self-care needs. Do you wish of having more hours to relax? Then, you need to consider a maid. However, the process of hiring a maid is not easy since you need to ensure their well-being. Remember, some diseases don’t show on the face.

Luckily, the maid employment agency Singapore helps you to ensure that the domestic helpers undergo medical examination before they acquire their work permit. During the medical check, the maid will be tested for malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and HIV aids. But due to the rise of Coronavirus, it is good to ensure that the helper undergoes a test for Covid-19.

It is good to note that Covid-19 has affected different parts of the world. And if you allow a sick helper into your house, you might be putting the children and elderly at risk.

Responsibilities of the Employer When It Comes To Medical Expenses 

Your maid plays a crucial role in supporting your household. However, managing a domestic worker can be challenging, especially when it comes to medical care. You need to pay medical attention from the time the maid falls sick until they recover.

As required by MOM, Employers have to buy both medical insurance with a minimum coverage of $15,000 per year and personal accident insurance for your domestic helper before employing them. By doing so, it helps to better manage the risk of having to pay large sums of money for their medical FDW’s medical expenses. Also, since the medical expenses could be high, employers can opt for insurance with a higher coverage to protect themselves against large medical bills.

Employer Must Not Pass On the Medical Costs to Helper 

It is good to note that Employers are not allowed to deduct any medical care cost from the maid’s salary in Singapore. Even if she doesn’t feel sick, you need to send them for medical checkups every six months, according to Singapore’s employment conditions.

According to the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, every domestic helper should undergo a medical checkup every six months. Failure to this, her work permit will be canceled. The good thing is that you will receive a notification letter when the maid’s medical examination is due.

At times, you might feel that the medical cost are high and decide to ignore the responsibilities. In Singapore, every employer should bear all the medical expenses of their maid.

Ensure the Well-Being of Your Maid   

If you have tight schedule and want to ensure the safety of your kids and elderly, hiring a maid from Indonesia, Philippines or other countries is a good option. A healthy helper will help you in taking care of your home care needs, from cleaning, cooking to looking after the kids and seniors, and all you need is time to relax. To ensure your domestic helper is mentally and physically healthy, you need to:

1. Make sure that your helper eats a well-balanced diet

2. Ensure safe working conditions

3. Encourage the maid to see the doctor as soon as they detect any signs of illness.

4. Give your helper enough time to rest and sleep.

Engage a Maid Agency in Singapore 

Finding an Indonesian, Burmese or Filipino maid in Singapore can be easy, but managing the responsibilities of ensuring that they undergo medical examination can be challenging. That’s why you need to consider the services of a maid employment agency in Singapore. They will not only help you find a reliable maid but also guide you through the employment process.

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