How Do I Keep My Maid Happy?

In Singapore, hiring a maid can be a challenging task. Maid employment Agency Singapore helps you find a maid who will make your life easier. Keep in mind that when you hire a maid, it can take time to bond well with each other. Since your maid has taken responsibility for your house, it is essential to keep her happy too.

When you are employing a maid in Singapore, you must make sure she does not feel alienated. She is the one who is taking care of your house and should feel like a part of it.

How to Help Your Maid Overcome Homesickness?

It is possible that your helper misses her family and feels lonely as she is far away from them. To make your maid feel connected to her family, allow her to talk to them frequently. As her employer, feel sympathetic towards her. Make her sit down and chat with her. You can assure your helper that she is a significant part of the family.

A professional Singapore maid employment agency can help you find the best fit for you!

What Are Your Responsibilities As An Employer?

Employing a maid in Singapore comes with responsibilities. Since she is living with you, provide her with all necessities.

Ask her what type of food she eats because she may not be familiar with the one your family eats. Provide her with adequate food every day.

What Are The Different Ways You Can Make Your Maid Feel Happy?

1. Her privileges should be generous

Your helper would be happier if you gave her extra benefits. Besides giving days off weekly, you can also give her holidays on special occasions. When she accompanies you on trips, give her extra money to spend on herself. If you are expecting high-quality work from her, then treat her well too. It works both ways. When you treat your maid politely, she feels appreciated.

2. Celebrate special occasions

Make your maid feel as special as you would make a family member. On her birthday you can be kind enough to celebrate it with her and give her a day off. You can also take her out for a decent dinner with your entire family.

If you cannot take out time, then gift her something thoughtful. If you are unaware of what she would like as a gift, then give her some money. Besides that, make sure you give her a day off on religious holidays, for example, Christmas. Also, make them feel a part of your celebrations.

3. Communicate with her

Your maid takes care of your children and other family members. You should also take care of her and make her feel like a regular family member. Firstly, when she has any problems, listen to her carefully. Give a lending hand when she is not well.

Secondly, ask her frequently about her mental and physical wellness. Thirdly, never disrespect her family and degrade her. If she makes any mistakes, handle them tactfully without scolding her. Also, keep appreciating her for the work she does to keep her motivated.

Services Provided By a Maid Employment Agency Singapore

1. We help you find a suitable helper

You can save your time by contacting a maid employment agency. We have a database that contains all the information about each candidate. You will not have to worry about finding a reliable maid as they train and do the paperwork themselves.

2. We have professional training programs for maids

We give you a maid who has adequate knowledge about the job. Maid employment agency Singapore has trained maids for housekeeping. We also provide maids trained to take care of disabled people. Also, helpers are trained to take care of children.

Through these programs, helpers understand the basic things which help avoiding mistakes. A professional and trained agency will find you maids that are tested through these pre-employment training programs.

3. Insurance of the maid

Whenever you have a claim to make, you can talk to the support staff. Insurance will save you from unexpected costs. Our insurance policy includes the death of your maid, hospital expenses, etc.

4. Paperwork for maid employment in Singapore

The maid needs a work permit to start her job. Singapore maid employment agency will do all the paperwork for you. If you need to cancel your maid’s work permit, the agency will help with the paperwork.

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