7 Ways To Manage Your Maid’s Social Media Habits

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Finding a maid and working abroad could be a challenging task for both homeowners and maids. Working abroad is not as easy as employees have to live apart from their families, resulting in homesickness.

This is true for the maids in Singapore who left their families to serve others.

Long-distance makes them feel disconnected from their families, and most of them try to keep in touch through social media, like Skype and Facebook.

But over the last many years, many employees have testified that this social media connection is crawling over the intended limitations and affecting their productivity.

That’s why today, we are here with the best tips that could help maids overcome this addiction by using social media.

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1. Put A Phone Alarm

Seizing her smartphone is not a good option, don’t you agree? This smartphone helps us to connect with her anywhere, anytime. So the best thing you could do is:

Let her set the social media usage limit for scrolling down on her news feed. This can be done by setting up an alarm. She can set an hour to contact her loved ones before sleeping.

2. Turn Off Notifications

We all crave checking notifications, who have commented on our post, what’s new in the news, and soon on. And so implies to your maids, they too like to check notification because it’s human nature. So what’s the best way to let her finish the job first?

Well, it’s simple! Just find out the settings on her smartphone and make your maid turn off the notifications.
This way, she can better focus on her chores without distractions. This could seem a bit rude, but it’s necessary. You can sit down with her and talk to her about your concerns.

3. Create Physical Distance Between You & Device:

This tip would actually help your maid to limit her smartphone usage. Instruct her to sleep without her cellphone. This habit will allow her to get a good night’s sleep, and she would be focused and get mindfulness without flashing notification light.

4. Indulge In Real Conversations With The New Families

This is very important for homeowners and maids. Often people hide in their rooms and refuse to make social contact with the maids.

Our suggestion is to try to be friendly with them, and so have a conversation. It’s helpful to bond with them in this way; they would feel welcomed and reduce her homesickness. Employers, it’s simple, you can talk to her during her training.

5. Call Instead of Social Media

Anyone could be addicted to social media because sites help us communicate with people instead of calling and messaging. However, this addiction could be overcome simply by switching from social media to calls.

Yes, someone from your maid’s family or friend circle wants to contact her, she could call her or call them instead of chatting with them over social media platforms.

This would work like magic, as this will let your maid understand the importance of time management.

6. Finding New Useful Hobbies

If your maid gets to agree to limit her internet usage, she would surely find herself getting bored in free time. The best way to overcome this situation is to find new hobbies.

These hobbies could be productive and full of fun.

For instance, you can teach her how to cook; it will improve her productivity. You can go for a gardening option. The maid can plant shrubs in beautiful pots, and much more options.

These are some amazing and useful tips for you to enhance your maid’s productivity and build a relationship with her.

It’s necessary to talk to your maid regarding her social media usage so that this way, you can convey your concern.

7. Delete Apps

If nothing works, then as a last option, she can delete some social apps from her smartphone. Specially those apps which keep her engaged.

For instance, Facebook, she could log in from the web if there is something important or need to check. It’s easy to control your device. This will work for your maid to keep focused on her job without distractions.

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