Rules for Hiring Maids Part-Time

Has it crossed your mind to hire a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) in the house? Then I bet you are looking for options that will best suit you. For example, certain people are not comfortable with having a helper to sleep in.

There could be various reasons as to why they prefer a part-time helper.  Some of them are:

  • They are inexpensive in comparison to a full-time MDW
  • You will have some form of privacy
  • Peace of mind, especially if you are paranoid about having a stranger sleep at your place
  • A part-time helper offers you more flexibility in comparison to a full-time
  • There may not be as much work that will require a full-time MDW

With the above reasons and many others, a couple of people will prefer hiring a part-time helper. If that is the case then it is essential to look for a domestic worker agency in Singapore and ascertain if it is possible. If so, what is expected of you as an employer, the processes, the documentation, and the government requirement?

Is it Possible To Hire Part-Time Maid in Singapore? 

The Ministry of Manpower takes Domestic Worker hiring as a great responsibility. Due to the complications of hiring a part-time helper, it is paramount to look for a domestic worker agency in Singapore that will assist you in getting a legal one.

There are certain rules laid out about hiring a part-time helper. For example, you cannot hire a full-time MDW as a part-time. It is an offence for a MDW to engage in part-time employment, with or without her employer’s consent. 

The helper must comply with the Work Permit regulatory conditions. There will be penalties if your MDW is deployed to work at another residential address.

To make it easier for you, MOM has allowed Employers to opt for part-time helper through companies that specialise in house cleaning or care services. When doing so, you need to confirm if the agency or company has a legal license. The helpers will be deployed on a part-time basis to provide household services and do not live in the houses they work at.

Conditions for Hiring a Part-time Helper in Singapore:

  • They must be a Singaporean
  • They are a permanent resident
  • Holds a dependant pass
  • Has a work permit

Factors to Look Into Before Hiring a Part-Time MDW Singapore

  1. The cost. You will want to evaluate if it is more valuable hiring a full-time instead.
  2. The agency fee of the domestic worker agency.

As an employer, you should know that the duties of a full-time helper are different from those of a part-time. A part-time helper has specific tasks assigned to them from the agency that you hire from.

Some of the tasks include cleaning the house. Basic ones such as vacuuming, emptying the trash can, cleaning counters, and such small tasks. Nevertheless, they can be involved in tasks such as laundry at an extra charge.

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About the Author

Linda Seh has over 20 years of experience in the Employment industry. She takes the time to thoroughly interview each family and helper to understand their requirements, personalities, and preferences. Her intuition and insight has helped her make placements that result in lasting, harmonious working relationships. Linda now leverages this expertise and experience to simplify your search and ensure you find the ideal and qualified helper to become a valued member of your family.