Vaccination Requirements for Maids in Singapore

With the resumption of entry approvals for vaccinated work pass holders and their dependents, you might think that your new domestic helper won’t be able to enter Singapore to help you out with the household chores.

However, that’s not the case because the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has stated that the entry condition doesn’t apply to migrant domestic workers as there are ongoing industry initiatives with tightened safe management processes to bring your maid into the island safely and minimise the risk of COVID-19 importation.

In this article, we will share how the government is working with the relevant ministries to ensure that your household needs are met along with your responsibility as an employer.

How is the Singapore government managing vaccination rollout?

Since the first vaccine shipment arrived in December 2020, the government has been rolling out the vaccines to citizens and long-term residents. This initiative was then extended to foreign domestic workers on the island in May 2021 by the MOM.

Now that the republic has met its target of fully vaccinating 70 per cent of the island’s population by National Day, you may be wondering whether your new maid can get vaccinated in Singapore.

Well, you need not worry because as we mentioned earlier, your new maid from Indonesia, Philippines and other countries will be able to get her vaccine on the island upon completion of her Stay-Home Notice (SHN). After all, the vaccine is free for all Singaporeans and long-term residents, including Singapore Permanent Residents and Employment Pass holders.

However, you will need to encourage your maid to personally register their interest in the vaccine because neither the MOM nor maid agency will help your maid to sign up for vaccination. This is unless your maid resides in a dormitory with other Employment Pass holders.

Can I have my maid vaccinated?

You can surely have your maid vaccinated but since it is voluntary, you will need to encourage her to get the vaccination as a way to protect herself as well as your family against COVID-19.

You should also arrange for your maid’s transportation to and from the vaccination centre if she wishes to be vaccinated. If you’re worried about her safety, you can choose to accompany your maid to the vaccination centre.

That said, there will be people guiding your maid through the registration, screening, and acknowledgement process before the vaccination at the vaccination centres. Only those who consent to the vaccination and have been found suitable to be inoculated will get the vaccine. Moving forward, we’ll be sharing how your maid can register for the vaccine.


How does my maid sign up for vaccination?

The registration process is similar to how you registered for the vaccine. Prior to registering your maid, you will need to assure your maid that the COVID-19 vaccination is safe for everyone although there will be some side effects from the vaccine after the inoculation.

Once your maid is convinced, you can assist your maid in registering for the vaccine at Alternatively, you can bring your maid to walk in to any of the vaccination centres offering the vaccine without a prior appointment.

After the registration, your maid will receive an SMS as soon as there are slots available for booking. Before letting your maid go for vaccination, you will need to make sure that your maid has downloaded the TraceTogether mobile app or brought along the token to facilitate contact tracing. The remaining vaccine dosage will be administered accordingly.

If your maid had received her first dose of vaccine overseas, specifically the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine, you can rest assured that she will be given the same vaccine for the second dose. Otherwise, you can encourage your maid to register for the vaccine here in Singapore.

After the vaccination, remind your maid to keep their vaccination records safely and to keep a photo of their vaccination record on their phones in case they are asked for it by the local authorities.

Should your maid experience any serious side effects after taking the vaccine, you can apply for the Ministry of Health (MOH) Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (VIFAP) to support your maid. This will give you and your maid greater peace of mind.

With the government’s initiative and your encouragement, your maid will be convinced that getting the vaccination in Singapore is much more convenient when compared elsewhere. And who knows? Your maid may just be able to convince her friends or other maids to get vaccinated to boost community protection.

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