What are the 5S in Good Housekeeping?

There are a lot of things to look for when hiring a migrant domestic worker. But what are they? Employers are encouraged to consider the 5S of housekeeping and understand the importance of 5Ss when it comes to housekeeping roles. Moreover, employers can get professional help from the maid agency in Singapore throughout the hiring process.

What are the 5S in Good Housekeeping?

Like any other workplace role, housekeeping requires consistent evaluation and proper implementation of different tasks in an orderly manner. Hiring housekeepers requires the consideration of the 5S in good housekeeping, which includes the ability of the housekeeper to Sort, Sort in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain different roles assigned them by their employers.

For these to be achieved, the househelps have a responsibility to understand and implement the acceptable procedure for performing these tasks to ensure that all the tasks are performed regularly to meet the expectations of their jobs. 

What is the importance of 5S?

The 5S in good housekeeping plays an important role in ensuring that the migrant domestic workers in Singapore maintain the scope of their work and adhere to the prescribed procedures and meet the expectations of their employers in different ways.

  • Sorting

The domestic workers are supposed to remove any unnecessary items in the house and ensure they keep only the frequently used items. It helps to maintain the cleanliness of the house.

  • Setting

The domestic worker is required to identify and organize the available storage in employer’s house to increase the efficiency of using such storage facilities. She must ensure that the harmful things that can endanger the life of anyone in the house are well kept.

  • Shining

Shining involves the domestic worker cleaning clean and inspecting the house regularly by ensuring that everything falls into place. It is good to perform regular checks so that items such as home appliances are working properly and clean.

  • Standardization

It requires the domestic worker to remain consistent in their work. For this to be achieved, she needs to focus on decreasing any sense of ambiguity and guesswork in the course of their duties. This is essentially important in boosting their productivity while guaranteeing quality and morale in different tasks that they are charged with.

  • Sustaining

Sustaining also means discipline. She must establish her goals to balance chores from both short-term and long-term perspectives. By practising the first 4S, she will be able to commit in maintaining the tidiness of the house which improves the level of productivity for even greater results. 

What are the 5S’s in housekeeping?

The 5S’s in housekeeping defines a methodology used by the migrant domestic workers to achieve clean, uncluttered, safe, and well-organized house. The application of the 5S’s of housekeeping helps them to reduce wastes as much as possible and ensure they optimize their productivity as much as possible.

The original idea of the 5S’s in the workplace came from the Kaizen philosophy, which was anchored on the need to achieve continuous improvement in the workplaces across different organizations. Therefore, understanding how to apply the 5S’s of housekeeping is integral for all domestic workers

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