What Do Maids Do In The House?

Coming home from work and getting busy with house chores hardly leaves you time to spend with your kids. Do you feel exhausted and stressed out due to all the burden being on your shoulders? Perhaps it’s time to get some help from maids. Filipino maid agencies provide you with professional maid services in Singapore. This might solve all your worries. Before you look for maid agency services in Singapore, find out what do maids actually do.

What Are The Basic Responsibilities Of A Maid In The House?

  • Lightly cleaning the living area including vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and sweeping all rooms in the house.
  • Cleaning all the bathrooms. That includes shower/bath area, toilets, and mirrors.
  • Cleaning the entire kitchen
  • Washing the dishes
  • Making the beds
  • Washing clothes, ironing them and then folding them.
  • Cleaning windows from inside
  • Removing the garbage
  • Running errands (grocery shopping, dry cleaning, etc.)
  • Restocking items, for example, tissues, etc.
  • Preparing food for the family members

What Should You Be Expecting From A Maid Service In Singapore?

House management:

Your maid should be proficient in managing the house. She should know where things are placed. That includes where the cutlery and the toys of children are kept.

Products and Inventory:

Your helper should make sure the products required for cleaning and maintaining the house are always available. She should re-order if something runs out.

Sound knowledge:

An excellent housekeeper would know how to use products safely in the best way. She would keep a realistic and efficient approach to doing her chores.


You can expect her to be a little flexible in the house chores. For example, she can sometimes perform tasks like taking the dog for a walk. She should aim to help you as much as possible and make your life easier.

Managing time:

This depends if the maid is alone or is part of a team. This is an important aspect. Your maid should ensure that time limits are being met, and tasks are not taking longer.

What Are The Services Provided By A Filipino Maid Agency In Singapore?

They will find a maid for you:

When you contact a Filipino maid agency, your time is automatically saved. They are equipped with a database containing the biodata of each candidate. You will not have to waste your time verifying if your maid is reliable. Maid agency services in Singapore train maids themselves and take responsibility for the paperwork.

They have programs that train maids:

A Filipino maid agency will provide you with a maid who has sound knowledge about the job. Maid agency services in Singapore include training maids for housekeeping. They also have candidates who are trained to take care of the elderly and disabled people.
Helpers also get training to take care of children. With the help of such training programs, helpers are less prone to making mistakes. These agencies provide maid services in Singapore that are tested through pre-employment training programs.

Insurance of the maid:

The insurance service allows you to make claims and save you from additional costs. The insurance policy of the maid agencies in Singapore includes expenses regarding health care, the death of your maid, etc.

Paperwork for maid employment in Singapore:

A work permit is required for a maid to start working. These maid agencies do the paperwork.
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